Rent Paid...Guaranteed

We personally guarantee that landlords' rent will be on time, every time.

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'Rent Paid...Guaranteed' is our most popular service, because it ensures that your rent is guaranteed to be paid during the term of the tenancy. 

We are currently the only agent in Plymouth and possibly the UK who can boast this proven fresh new approach to professional property management.  Our most popular service for landlords who want peace of mind. Rent Paid...Guaranteed provides peace of mind to our landlords in the event that their tenants' circumstances change, possibly resulting in rent arrears. We personally guarantee that our landlords will be paid on time - every time, even if the tenant does not pay their rent. This continues until such time as we have reached a satisfactory conclusion for all parties involved. To find out why we are a Multi Award Winning independent company with a constant focus at being the very best we can be,  please do give us a call or pop into our welcoming office in Crownhill. 

Rent Paid Guaranteed Fully Managed Fees

Set Up fee: £450.00 or 60% of the first month rent, whichever is greater
(Ex Vat: £375.00 or 50% of the first month rent, whichever is greater)

Monthly fee: 16%
(13.33 plus VAT )

Minimum Fee £85.00 including VAT 
(Ex VAT £70.83)

Property Maintenance Visits: £60.00
(Ex Vat: £50.00)

Legionella Report: £72.00
(Ex Vat: £60.00)

Landlord Withdrawal Fee £450.00

We do not charge for renewing a tenancy agreement to an existing tenant, rent re-views or for protecting a deposit. Also included is the preparation of all documents that are required to make the tenancy legally binding and to ensure that the landlord is legally compliant.

Inventory and Check-in Fee: 
Property Furnished Fee Ex Vat Fee Inc Vat
1 Bedroom Un Furnished £130.00 £156.00
Furnished £138.33 £166.00
2 Bedrooms Un Furnished £138.33 £166.00
Furnished £146.66 £176.00
3 Bedrooms Un Furnished £139.16 £167.00
Furnished £147.49 £176.00
4 Bedrooms Un Furnished £172.50 £207.00
Furnished £185.00 £222.00
5 Bedrooms Un Furnished £182.50 £218.40
Furnished £195.00 £234.00
6 Beds and over subject to assessment and prior written agreement

Check-out Report and Administration of the Deposit Return
Property Fee Ex Vat Fee Inc Vat
1 Bedroom £115.00 £138.00
2 Bedrooms £123.33 £148.00
3 Bedrooms £131.66 £158.00
4 Bedrooms £140.00 £168.00
5 Bedrooms £148.33 £178.00
6 Beds and over subject to assessment and prior written agreement

EPC Report: £60.00 - if required 
(Ex Vat: £50.00)

Gas Safety Check 
At Cost price invoiced direct from contractor (as long as our preferred contractor is used, British Gas Home Care or any other contractor there is a £20.00 admin fee - Ex Vat: £16.66)

Obtaining quotes from our preferred contractors are free of charge. Please be aware that we do not receive commission payments for using our contractors. We recommend them because they are efficient and reliable. (For any other contractor quotes there is an admin fee £20.00) Ex Vat: £16.66

Arrangement fee for refurbishment work in excess of £500.00: 8%
(Ex Vat: 6.66%)

Quarterly Submission of Non-Resident Landlords to HMRC: £20.00 per quarter
(Ex Vat: £16.66)

Annual Submission of Non-Resident Landlords to HMRC: Nil

Annual Self Assessment Tax Report £20.00 
(Ex Vat: £16.66)

Court Attendance:
We can only attend court in the presence of the landlord or a qualified solicitor, where such presence is required there is an hourly fee of £60.00
(Ex Vat: £50.00)

Take Over Management Fee: £300.00
(Ex Vat: £250.00)

Serving a Section 21: where there is no breach of tenancy there is a £300.00 fee. 
(Ex Vat: £250.00)
Where a Section 21 is served due to a breach of tenancy and or where a section 8, 10 and 11 is required this is all included within the Management of Rent Paid Guaranteed.

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