Tenant Application Process

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Tenant Information
The application process at a glance

Once you have found your new home, you will need to complete the following steps:

Applying for your new home

All applications are subject to:

  • Reference check
  • Credit check
  • Right to rent check
  • Rent deposit and a month’s rent in advance
  • Signed tenancy agreement

Holding Deposit

If you would like to apply for a property that you have viewed with Plymouth Homes Lettings and your application has been successful there will be a holding deposit equivalent to one weeks rent to reserve the property.

To calculate the holding deposit please use the following formula;
Times the monthly rent by 12 and then divide by 52 weeks. This is the holding deposit, which can be used as part payment of the deposit or towards your rent, which we will need you to confirm to us in writing upon signing the tenancy agreement, which must be signed within 15 calendar days. Unless it formally agreed that there is an extension to the application process, this must be first agreed in writing (email is perfectly acceptable).

During this period, we will require you to complete the Right to Rent Checks, Referencing and Credit Checks. We use a company called Rent4sure, and all of this can be completed online, or if you prefer we can arrange for you to come into the office.

Please note that if the following conditions are not met, you may lose the holding deposit.
  • If your application fails the Right to Rent check
  • If you provide false or misleading information, which the landlord is reasonably entitled to consider in deciding whether to grant the tenancy because this materially affects your suitability to rent the property.
  • If you notify Plymouth Homes Lettings before the deadline for agreement that you have decided not to enter into a tenancy agreement.
  • You fail to take all reasonable steps to enter into a tenancy agreement.
Once we receive the holding deposit the property will marked as let agreed, whilst we carry out the referencing and credit checks.


The required deposit is the equivalent to one month’s rent on properties we manage. There may be times where the landlord will request the equivalent of 5 weeks rent. If this is the case the deposit will be clearly stated in the description of the property that you are interested in.

Plymouth Homes Lettings do not provide a no deposit scheme, because this is false economy for you the consumer. Be very wary of no deposit schemes. They are an insurance backed scheme, that when you pay a monthly quarterly or yearly fee. You never get that money back. A no deposit scheme does not mean that you are not required to ensure that the property is returned to the agent/landlord in the same condition as when you took the property. These schemes are designed to make money out of you and do not act in your best interest as a consumer and create an awful lot of stress when you leave your home.


There are times that a guarantor is required. If you require a guarantor, please request our guarantor information sheet, it will be important that the guarantor understands their obligations before we start the referencing and credit check for them.

Information on how to apply for a property with Plymouth Homes Lettings

Insurance Recommendation

Plymouth Homes Lettings strongly recommend that you take up tenants’ insurance for when you move into your new home.

Unless, you are super careful, it is common for red wine to be spilt on carpets, for a foot to come through the ceiling, a screw/nail accidentally driven into a water pipe, or something falling into a ceramic sink. Running a bath and then forgetting all about it, or the infamous situation of leaving a pot burning on the stove.

You do not have to use a company we recommend, it can be any insurance company. If you wanted to speak to who we use, just ask and we can give a couple of names, for example Rent4sure or a local Plymouth based company called Excaliber


If the landlord allows pets, depending on the type of pet you have the rent will be higher than if you do not have a pet, this reflects fairly on wear and tear for all applicants. Consumers with Pets can expect to pay £10.00 -£15.00 a week extra. This will be displayed clearly on the description of the advert on the property that you are interested in.

The Next Step  

The responsibility of the consumer (you) and Plymouth Homes Lettings is that the tenancy agreement must be signed within 15 calendar days. An extension can be agreed, but must be done so in writing, email correspondence is considered to be a written agreement.

The rent deposit and rent in advance must be paid no later than two working days prior to the signing of the tenancy agreement. The holding deposit will be included as part of this payment. The rent deposit will be protected within 10 calendar days of receipt.

We know this is a lot of information for you to read, you can expect Plymouth Homes Lettings to keep you updated of the process as soon as you make first contact with us.

We are friendly, professional company who pride ourselves in having positive working relationships with all of our customers and clients. If you have chosen a property with Plymouth Homes Lettings, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our community.

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