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Our award winning and trusted service, without the rent guarantee.

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Our landlords favour our award-winning service because we are a team of real people in a real office, who are passionate about providing a service where our landlords can quite literally sit back knowing that their investment property and customer tenant are looked after to the best possible standard. Even though this service does not include legal cover or Rent Paid…Guaranteed you can be assured of the same professional service and attention.

Fees for our Fully Managed Service

Please note that all prices quoted include VAT

Set up Fees 60% of the first month’s rent, plus £235.00 to cover the cost of a professional inventory, this includes the check in fee’s the detailed deposit check-out report, administration of the deposit return and co-ordination of any works required to ensure the property is ready for the next applicants.

Monthly fee of rent collected are subject to a minimum fee of £70.00 or 11% of the monthly rent collected, whichever is greater.
When we need to find a new tenant for you, we provide our existing landlords a reduced fee of £300.00 plus £235.00 to cover the cost of a professional inventory as above.

Maintenance Visits £54.00 per visit. (No more than twice a year) This service replaces the old fashioned and unpractical “property inspection” It ensures that your property is not falling into disrepair. It also promotes positive relations with your customer tenant. A detailed report is sent to you and your tenant, so you can both see if anything needs attention.

Where a landlord decides to sell the property and there is no breach of the tenancy agreement the serving of a section 21 (mandatory notice to get your house back) is charged at £60.00 court fees will also apply if necessary. Where attendance is required at court the cost is £144.00
Notices are included for any breach of tenancy. Court costs apply. Where attendance is required at court the cost is £144.00

Deposit protection fees £00.00
Self-Assessment Tax Form if required £00.00
Resigning Fees £00.00
Administration of any maintenance works £00.00
Administration of Health and Safety Obligations £00.00 

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