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We can help you every step of the way on the journey to buying your new home.


We pride ourselves on providing as much information about the properties that we are marketing as possible. We understand that when looking to buy your next home you will want to know about the things that matter, from the important things like the construction of the property to the not so important, but nice to know things, like is the loft boarded.

Our professional and trained staff accompany most viewings (unless the seller has specifically requested to do their own viewings) and we carry lots of information about the property that you are viewing. On the rare occasion that you have a question that we are unable to answer on the viewing appointment we will do all we can to find the answer and come back to you as soon as possible.


If you decide to offer on a property we will always put your offer to the seller. They will decide if your offer is acceptable and we will let you know their decision as soon as we know. If we have other interested buyers in the same property we will let you know that there is additional interest. We NEVER make this up! Some agents are rumoured to do this to put pressure on you to increase your offer. As well as being illegal this is also immoral and something we never do. However, we feel it is only right to let you know if there is other interest so you can decide what you want to do. We do not disclose how much other parties have offered on a property (as we would not disclose to anybody else the amount you had offered on a property) as this is subject to contract and private between the seller and potential buyer. However, when a sale has completed the sale price is published by the land registry and becomes public knowledge. This link will help you find historical sold prices.

When your offer is placed for the purchase of a property, we will negotiate the sale for you. We will gather valuable information by checking the your ability to purchase a home, ascertaining if you have a property to sell, whether it has had a sale agreed and if so how many properties are in the ‘chain’ below. We will also check how far the chain has progressed and confirm whether you need to raise a mortgage in order to purchase. Verification will also be sought that the funds are available. 

Sale Progression

We are one of only a few estate agents with a member of staff solely dedicated to helping you co-ordinate everything you need to do when buying your home. Steven Albon has 31 years experience helping people move and he will assist you and keep you updated on your purchase. As well as ensuring your sale is progressing well Steven will also have a overview of the chain (if you have one) and should be able to report back to you if any problems elsewhere in the chain are likely to have an impact on your move. Steven can be contacted on 01752 772846 or at

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Guide to the costs of buying your new home

Type Approximate Cost
Deposit Most lenders require a minimum of 10% of the purchase price as a deposit. However, with the Government’s Help to Buy Scheme it is now possible to buy with a 5% deposit. If you’re buying a Buy to Let Property you will need a 15% deposit.
Typical Solicitors Fees for the Purchase Up to £250,000 – £525 plus VAT
£250,000 – £350,000 – £749 plus VAT
Over £350,000 – Individual Quote
Surcharge for Leasehold Properties – £200 plus VAT
Surcharge for New Build Properties – £200 plus VAT
Stamp Duty Stamp Duty Calculator
Fee For Preparation of Stamp Duty Tax Return (payable even if no stamp duty due!)
£50 plus VAT
Bank Transfer Fee
£35 plus VAT
Electronic Identification Check£9 plus VAT (Per Purchaser)
Land Registry Fees £0-£50,000 – £40

£50,001-£80,000 – £70

£80,001-£100,000 – £120

£100,001-£200,000 – £190
  £200,001-£500,000 – £270
  £500,001-£1,000,000 – £540
Search Pack Fees (to include local authority, water, drainage and environmental searches) £200
Chancel Repair Indemnity Policy £10.60
Land Registry Search Fee £3.00
Land Charge Search Fee £2.00 per person
Survey and/or Valuation Fee Basic Valuation – £350

Home Buyers Survey – £550

Full Structural Survey – £1,000
Removal Expenses Approximately £600 (if local)
This information is provided as an approximate guideline only and should not be relied upon as an accurate total moving cost figure.

Please use the form below to calculate your mortgage payments. This tool is for illustration purposes only.